Anthony Sinclair

Two-Piece Dark Grey Chalk Stripe Flannel Suit


Sean Connery wore a two-piece Anthony Sinclair chalk-stripe flannel suit in the final scene of the 1963 James Bond film, 'From Russia With Love'. The 'brushed' surface of the cloth has the effect of softening the definition of a pattern. This works to wonderful effect on a chalk-stripe design - the pattern can literally appear to have been applied by tailor's chalk.

Sinclair flannel suits featured in all but one of Connery's 007 movies. Read more.

The outfit has been recreated to form part of 60-piece collection of essential spy-wear designed to celebrate six decades of Bond style. View collection.

This product is made-to-order. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us should you require further information.

The suit may also be reproduced to customer's personal styling requirements as three-piece or two-piece in a wide variety of cloth options.

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