Anthony Sinclair

Slate Blue Solid "English Mohairs" Suiting


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Holland & Sherry’s English Mohair collection features superfine wool/mohair blends with colour-woven plains. The fabric is dry, crisp, smooth, and ideal for humid climates, providing cool comfort.

Developed exclusively by Holland & Sherry, these fabrics are known for maintaining their shape when tailored into bespoke pieces, perfect for stylish business wear or summer beach weddings. The plain weave allows the body to breathe, and the mohair's wicking properties keep you cool and dry.

Mohair offers several key benefits: rich, vibrant colours, intense lustre and sheen, excellent shape retention, durability and comfort, and ease of tailoring into fine garments. This lightweight fabric (7.5oz/230gm) blends 20% Kid Mohair and 80% Wool Worsted, ideal for high-quality garments.

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