Anthony Sinclair

Blue Contrast Nailhead "Crispaire" Suiting


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Introduced over three decades ago, Crispaire remains a sought-after choice, even as technical yarns and high-twist alternatives have emerged. Initially crafted to meet the demands of business travel, Crispaire stood out as one of the pioneering fabrics of its time. With its coarse yarn count, traditional plain weave, and rugged texture, it boasts a robustness that effortlessly springs back into shape after being crumpled.

Now firmly entrenched as a cornerstone fabric in the Holland & Sherry collection, Crispaire fabrics are celebrated for their distinctive qualities, cherished by discerning tailors. The inherent resilience of merino wool lends itself to exceptional recovery properties, resulting in a fabric that is both naturally crease-resistant and high-performing, ideal for contemporary business attire.

The Crispaire line presents bold, unwavering statement pieces that maintain their freshness over time. Its enduring appeal ensures garments with sharp, immaculate lines that exude sophistication, enduring any journey with grace.

Weight: 280gm | 9.5oz

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