Introducing Uniform Standard: Modern Essentials & Values

We at Mason & Sons have always professed to be 'Dedicated to British Design' – it is, of course, our mantra – and while the sneaker-specialist Uniform Standard is a London-based brand with a clear design aesthetic, it’s much, much more than that as its core values are very admirable. 

Founded in 2018 by Georgina Taylor and Stephen Galea, who are both veterans of the footwear industry, Uniform Standard is a sneaker label with an ultra-clean look that doesn’t compromise on style nor ethics. The designs are refined with no clear signs of brash branding or glaring colour combinations and it’s this understated look that makes it British in our opinion. 

Uniform Standard Sneakers Mason and Sons

The Series 1 in stone, biscuit, blush and mint suede.

What makes Uniform Standard interesting is its practices of being an environmentally-conscious and responsible footwear brand. Recognising an obvious gap in the footwear world, Taylor and Galea decided to fill it themselves like all good entrepreneurs. “Having worked for large retail brands previously, there was always a push towards “eco goals” but ultimately, the need to deliver the lowest cost/highest margin products was prioritised over quality, craftsmanship and responsible practices,” explains Taylor.

Uniform Standard Sneakers Mason and Sons

The factory in Portugal with its efficient assembly line of skilled craftspeople.

The design process takes place in east London and the duo has sourced production at a family-owned factory in Portugal, which has become an increasingly favourable location in footwear manufacturing in the last 10 years. “We already knew that they had the perfect blend of craft experience, practices and values, so it was natural that they would be the right partner to launch our own collection,” explains Galea. 

Uniform Standard Sneakers Mason and Sons

Premium Italian leathers and suedes that are certified with a 'Gold Standard' certificate of quality. 

The factory champions traditional processes, and with its skilled craftspeople, they're able to produce durable and long-lasting sneakers with premium, full-grain Italian leathers and suedes. These have been expertly scanned by highly trained eyes for any potential defects which is a time-consuming but essential step. The special ingredients, though, are the inclusions of various recycled components. “From day one we have been committed to social and environmental responsibility, and we have made sustainable product development a central pillar of Uniform Standard's design ethos,” says Taylor on his brand's commendable ethics. 

Uniform Standard Sneakers Mason and Sons

The Series 1 in triple white. 

For instance, the outsoles are made from recycled rubber, cork and rice husk shells which are in fact more costly than your typical virgin rubber outsoles. This further underlines the duo’s uncompromising approach towards sustainability. Recycled materials also feature on the inside of the shoe, where the footbeds are made from recycled high-density polyurethane foam and the insole boards are comprised by cellulose fibres. All of these ingredients give you a level of comfort that’s rarely seen in sneaker production while the styles are all evergreen classics.

Uniform Standard Sneakers Mason and Sons

The Series 1 in white with a contrasting gum sole for a more sporty look. 

Back in 2018, Uniform Standard entered the market with its Series 1 model and we now have the pleasure of offering 24 different options of it in a variety of tones and materials. In terms of the design, the Series 1 has a low and slender profile which can be likened to formal dress shoes and as a result increases their versatility. So depending on your vocation, they're unassuming and office-appropriate and suitable for every day living. 

Uniform Standard Sneakers Mason and Sons

The Series 1 in triple ghost suede. 

The Series 1 displays a few signs of subtle handwork, too, such as the signature stitching on the side of the heel, which elevates them from being 'a pair of sneakers' into something with a luxurious and informed personality. The embossed heel tab across the range of the Series 1 also differs from pair to pair, as some have a contrasting heel tab, while others are tone on tone. The same can be said of the soles, with a few models featuring contrasting soles which gives it a bit more of a sporty touch. Another nice detail is Uniform Standard's use of wax-finished cotton shoelaces which quite literally help maintain a clean appearance at all times. 

Uniform Standard Sneakers Mason and Sons

Soft and neutral tones for all occasions, featuring stone, biscuit, blush and mint suede.

Overall, these have all been "designed to perfectly complement the varied demands of a modern man’s wardrobe," says Taylor and we couldn't agree with that more. They are sure-fire essential, and the Series 1 range is so incredibly diverse with a fantastic array of colours and tones in premium materials, that we’re confident there’s at least one for you. 

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