Second Life: A recreation from You Only Live Twice

Sean Connery had a relatively small wardrobe of tailored clothing in the 1967 James Bond film, "You Only Live Twice", but the two-piece French navy mohair suit was unique in having a one-button front, rather than the standard two-button configuration used for all of the other lounge suits made by Anthony Sinclair throughout Connery's tenure as 007. 

To beat the summer heat and humidity of Japan, a lightweight blend of wool and mohair was chosen. The plain open-weave of the cloth allows the fabric to breathe, whilst the mohair fibres provide a spring to the yarn which improves crease resistance, delivering a look that is cool and crisp. Other than the anomaly of the one-button front, the suit is styled in Sinclair's classic "Conduit Cut", with natural shoulder, roped sleeve-head, a degree of chest-drape and suppressed waist.

This was to be the last of the sixties-designed suits made by Anthony Sinclair for Sean Connery - who announced he would be retiring from the role following the film's completion. Of course, both Connery and Sinclair returned in 1971 following a one movie break, but the blue suit worn in You Only Live Twice, with cocktail cuff shirt and knitted tie, is possibly the best example of how Bond author Ian Fleming would've imagined his hero - presenting an understated, elegant, pared-down style... testament to the maxim that less is more.

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the 007 movies in 2022, Anthony Sinclair is producing a 60-piece collection of essential spy-wear to commemorate six decades of Bond style. A recreation of the two-piece French Navy mohair suit from You Only Live Twice was always going to make the cut.